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Paste as multiple Notes

Hi. I’m having a sweet honeymoon with Tinderbox … and each evening I watch the light from the fire flicker across the room while I organize my notes and questions. I am a complete neophyte. I have attempted to look up most of them. I will try to keep my questions precise. I ask a lot of questions. I am greatly looking forward to learning how to best apply Tinderbox to my needs, and then doing it. So onward: (I will repeat this a few more times, that’s all)

Is there a way to paste the clipboard contents directly into multiple Notes? I know that I can paste into a new Note, and then explode the Note; I’d like to be able to do this in a single step when the contents of the clipboard are paragraph-separated text strings.

I might mention that I am an inveterate outliner. What I’m looking for is the equivalent, in outlining programs, to “Paste as Outline”, as distinct from “Paste {into currently selected text field}”.

What formatting does Tinderbox recognize as “looks like an outline”?

  • OPML - see here.
  • Tab-indented outlines, dragged or pasted into the view pane (left pane). Both plain and rich text work (some older refs may wrongly imply RTF isn’t supported).

CSV/tab-delim import (see here and here) can be used to import tabular data (i.e. more than just a note title) but doesn’t support an outline per se.

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