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Pasting Smart Adornments Oddity

I’m experiencing odd behavior with pasting smart adornments: they won’t update until I create an adornment from scratch on the map.

Am I misunderstanding something about pasting adornments or is this just an oddity?

You’re certainly not doing anything wrong that I can see. Tying to replicate here (v8.9.1 on 10.14.6) I can’t do soo. that doesn’t invalidate your report but suggests it is some initialisation edge case.

Separately, I do find that if I add a smart adornment, it doesn’t start to work without manually updating agents (even if auto-update is on. I’d expect as with a agent queries (and query code changes) that the creation/change of the query would run that code immediately.

I suspect all this needs a peek under the hood (which we can’t do).

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Looks like something is being cached when it should not be cached. We’ll take a look!

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