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Person notes and the Contacts app

Just wondering if there is any easy way to integrate “Person” notes (using the built-in prototype) with the Apple Contacts app. It’s eminently useful to enter people’s info into Tinderbox documents, but when it comes time to send a person an email or a text message or look up their mailing address, if they are entered in a Tbx doc, that info won’t appear automatically in Thunderbird or Messages or any other app, the way it would if they were in Contacts.

Perhaps the solution is to enter the info into Contacts and then have the Tinderbox person note simply contain a link to that entry in Contacts? Would that be feasible? Or, is there a way to integrate the two apps, so that a Person note automatically generates a contact in Apple’s app?

What I want to avoid, obvs, is entering the same data twice, with all the lost time and risk of errors that that entails.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


Well, I see dropping a Vcard into a Tinderbox doc creates a Person-prototyped note. Very nice! I think that this is my answer.


Thanks @dberreby for bringing this up … and though this seems to work quite well I’m wondering if anyone beside me witnesses ;; in front of Address populated in the Address-attribute once drag-dropping Vcards from Contacts.app into Tinderbox automatically creates a new note again using automatically the built-in Person-Prototype.

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Just found this “easter egg” myself. I got tired of manually entering contact info. Then it dawned on me, maybe I could drag an item from a calendar invite list. Spoiler alert, it works. :slight_smile: The eastgage team is sooooo smart. :slight_smile:

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