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Planning With Tinderbox

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Planning With Tinderbox from Mark Bernstein on Vimeo.


Thanks, @eastgate. I noticed there is no audio. Is that correct?


You will remember that at the end of The journey to the West, the pilgrims discover, with some alarm, that the sutras which they have travelled so far to obtain consist of empty pages. (They had failed to bribe the Amitabha Buddha’s librarian in the traditional manner).

But when the complaint is formally heard, the Buddha sighs, and says they can have one full of words if they really want, but the empty one brings deeper food for thought.


That has to be one of the best replies to a post that I have seen in years …

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The credit is entirely to the tradition.

This was an excellent video.
I need to watch it several times to digest all the details.
The video was well annotated and did not need the addition of sound.
Thank you.


These vidoes are invaluable, because they show - step by step - how a problem could be approached.
We need more of this :sunglasses:

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Trying to understand the medium as it is now, and to find a sweet spot in production costs. Audio is time-consuming, and I expected lots of you would prefer to listen without audio in any case.

But that seems to have been a mistake; a sound track (for what it’s worth) is coming.

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Perhaps some elevator music :rofl:

I really don’t think audio is needed for this video. Everything that needed was explained. Where audio might be useful are for points of clarification that go beyond what is presented visually. Would this be better served as addendum notes ?

There are some videos that do need audio - if there are sections missing in the narrative, if there are keypresses that are not annotated on screen, if there are points of potential failure not immediately obvious but easy to create, or perhaps if the immediate objective of the actions on screen is not know.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if my statement is too broad. Would I find this video as useful without having some experience with Tinderbox ? Are there parts I do not know are missing because they are not missing for me ?

For me if there are time and cost constraints to having audio vs more videos, I choose more videos.

No mistake at all! The written narrative is easier to work with than audio, since it makes it easy to scrub back and forth through the video looking for a point of interest that bears repetition. Not as easy to do when searching for audio clips. I prefer your videos this way.

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I had a similar thought. Since everything was written on the slides, it was easy to pause and take some time to take in the information. But I’m not against audio if it was providing additional information, maybe a bit of additional context?

In any case, I really liked this video. It does showcase how to use Tinderbox for more elaborate applications that, at least for me, is harder to learn from the documentation.

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I agree that absence is a benefit here; the lack of an audio track also increases the range of situations in which one can watch the video. I did not lament the lack of one. The future improvements I might suggest include some notes that expand on some techniques or URLs for some downloadable TBX files from which to develop the techniques further.

Thanks for this, and for the soundtrack, which I prefer.

FWIW I prefer video without audio. I often turn off sound for videos and use subtitles, I guess because I find it more conducive to retention to read the information than to hear it. Also, if the video is a well-done demo, there’s often no need for audio anyway.