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Positioning/Sizing of Ziplink Notes in Map View

I’m having a couple issues with the way ziplinks notes appear on the map and wanted to raise them as a potential area for future development.

First, ziplink notes do not follow my setting for how notes should be expanded file-wide. I like my notes to expand horizontally to fit the text, but zip link notes do not do this on creation and I have to manually adjust them.

Secondly, I can’t figure out the logic behind where ziplink notes appear on the map when they’re created. For example, a note I was creating ziplinks from last night was throwing them far north on my map, into an adornment that was pinned and underneath a note within it. It was a bit frustrating. A little later, the notes got created nearer by, but I’m not sure why.

I believe: to the right of the selected note, if there is space. Then we scan to the right of that note. At some point, we try to the right of the current bounding box. I don’t think there’s any general algorithm that would never misplace new notes occasionally unless Tinderbox understands the semantics of your map.

Check this Map Document Preference. If that work for new note on your map and Ziplink generated notes don’t obey that rule, I’d suggest that is a bona fide bug (the ziplink note creation is not checking the relevant setting before adding a note). In checking this is is also worth checking if the map’s OnAdd is being applied as prototypes might also be a useful action vector here.

However, if the above setting doesn’t work and you are setting note width using menu commands, ISTM you’ve a feature request as these resizing issues are accessible via action code plus you need a mechanism as to which containers/maps apply these rules.

First, ziplink notes do not follow my setting for how notes should be expanded file-wide.

This will be easy to check and correct if necessary.

Here are my document preferences re:map:

And here’s a demonstration of the effects I’m seeing:

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