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Prevent notes from slipping inside other notes as containers in map view

Very urgent! Help needed. I’m trying to draw a beautiful concept map in Tinderbox. The only problem that I want to put one note on another withhout it slipping inside. The reason I don’t want to use smart adornment because I want it behave as a note and be seen in outline view etc. Thank you in advance.

Simple, adjust $Xpos and $Ypos with a stamp to move the not to overlap. Dragging a note, I believe (I may be wrong) that there is a key to suppress invocation of drop-nesting of notes as that is the most likely desired outcome in such a case.

You could make 4 stamps, one each for a small distance e.g. 0.1 map units, for X plus and minus and Y plus and minus movement. Works for me in v9.

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