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Printing a map view centred in the printout

When working in map view, is it possible to activate paper edge guides in the view so as to be able to recognise in advance how the map will print and avoid printing across page boundaries? I am struggling to find a way to reliably “move” my map vis a vis the printing page breaks, so as to ensure it simply centres - and fully fills - an A4 page when printed. I realise I could workaround the problem by snapping a copy of the mind map as an image and then piping that into another app (such as OSX Preview) and printing from Preview, but that seems too complex to achieve a simple print out of a map so I’m wondering if there is an “Ockham’s Razor” method I’ve overlooked please.

I believe not. The Edit menu’s Copy View As Image option is the usual method for ‘printing’ a map. One advantage is the output is in vector form. Imported rom clipboard to Preview it can be saved as a PDF retaining scalable features and also printed to paper via normal preview methods. If pasted directly into a bitmap editor, the import process will rasterise the data.

Copy View As Image copies the entire map, whether visible or not and essentially avoids the hassle of trying to plan multi-page printing and them having to snip and paste paper sheets to reassemble the whole. Give it a try. :slight_smile:

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