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Problem with Link Browser

I have a small question: Why am I unable to “Browse Links…” of some of my notes? Changing the prototype of those notes doesn’t help :confused: Maybe someone had a similar problem in the past and could give me some tips on how to make it work

You can only Browse Links if the selected notes has links.

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Also, another unguessable aspect. Due to weirdness of macOS design (RIP the HIG days) the Browse links pop-over appears in/over the other pane from which it is invoked. OK if text pane is selected. But if invoked while the view pane has focus and the selected item is not in-view the pop-over is not drawn on screen. IOW, it is drawn, just where you can’t see it (i.e. off screen): clearly predictable, so why make frameworks operate in such a braindead manner? Stay classy, Apple!

At this point I feel for developers and having to work with frameworks that represent the naïvety of the wunderkind who progress from Mom’s basement direct to 1 Infinite Loop without any experience of the real world and real humans.

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