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Problem with summary table

I am trying to create a summary table of a note, following the instructions in “Getting started with TB”. I am opening “Summary Table Properties”, adding rows as necessary and editing the Heading and Expression fields, but as soon as I click outside the note, this information is getting lost. For example, I get to the point shown in the first screenshot:

I then click outside the note, and then click on the widget to obtain the second screenshot.

There must be some keystroke or mouse click I am missing, but I am at a loss to know what it is.

Perhaps I should add that some, but not all, the notes in the container contain entries for the attributes I have tried to list in the table.

Do the attributes $publicationYear, $Topic, and $CountryAuthor exist in this document?

I cannot reproduce the issue here.

After trying it out in another Tinderbox and getting the same problems, I decided to re-download Tinderbox, and did so. It now works perfectly. The speed with which the attributes are listed is impressive. I am not sure whether in doing this I upgraded to 9.1 (I thought I already did that) or whether something had got corrupted somewhere and re-installing put it right. Sorry to have caused you to check this unnecessarily.