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Query/Formula/ Functions List with Syntax within Tinderbox

Hi Team,

Firstly I apologise , if this feature is already present , and I don’t know how to access it.

With Version 9 , Gods of Tinderbox allowed us type to suggest them . Command Shift U also helps on the same

I also uses a low code tool called QuickBase for my organisation which like TB has tonnes of functions inside. I think TB can take inspiration in the way they are presented within QuickBase . I’m attaching some demo examples . I always refer atbref every time , but this could save a lot of time for newbies (like me)

Upon clicking any function you get the syntax written


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In a slightly different direction than the original question.
Interesting idea, these No/Low Code Platform based tools such as Codebase, Airtable, Caspio etc makes me think of logical and interesting ways of extending Tinderbox ideas to the organization.

I have no experience with any of them, but it seems this might be an interesting direction.