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Question about formatting a template

Hi there, I suspect the answer to this one is easy. I’ve modified an HTML export template to automatically added child references to the bottom of my articles.

^children(/Templates/Article page/Reference item)

It is working mostly at expected, but the HTML output is hosing the { }, shown here:

{Watanabe, H. (2020, September 4). XXXX https://XXXX/ }

Question: What do I need to do so that the { } don’t show up in the output?

You are using action code if(){}else{} syntax when you should be using ^if()^…^else^…^endIf^ export code syntax. See the linked articles.

Based on information supplied, I think you want:

^children("/Templates/Article page/Reference item")^

Wonderful. Thank you. I’m very grateful. After years of struggle, I think I’m finally getting there.

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