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Re-emerging note that won't delete

I’ve changed the name of a note (that’s has a prototype; not the prototype itself), and Tinderbox keeps creating a new note with the name but not with the affixed prototype. I’ve tried deleting this note several times, but every time I delete the note it re-appears. I’ve tried quitting Tinderbox, restarting it, and opening the file, but the problem continues.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

A bit more context… I changed the ending of the original note, not the prefix; the prefix ensures that the prototype functions properly. This note, and the prototypes I’m using, have code that ensures automated linking between other prototype-applied notes. Hope that’s helpful.


Is an action creating the note?

This is the code in the Action tab for this the prototype…

$Prototype="pNote";if($Name="untitled"){$Name="Nt- ";};if($Source==""){$Source=$Name(parent);};

But the note that has this prototype has a different prototype name (i.e., not pNote) and prefix / $Name (i.e., not Nt-).


This action is not creating your note.

Why not post a small TBX showing the problem?

Another member helped me fix this problem, so everything’s good now…


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@jprint714 Hey Josh, give me a call later today. This is being created by the function we developed. Also, it is NOT the name of the note that is creating the note you are referring to. If you recall, we setup the system so that notes would be created by values placed in a couple of specific attributes. Changing the name of a note does not change the value in these attributes. You’ll want to change the values in this attributes so that Tinderbox know’s what to look for when doing the linking. Check the email I sent over the weekend, which briefly explains this.

Note, this is the $OnAdd action. The code that is generating the note is in the function being called by the $Rule.


Good to know. Thanks! You’re an excellent teacher.

You’re most welcome, and thanks. :slight_smile: