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I want it to be simpler to figure out if I am registered. If my registration is about to run out etc. etc. Normally you see a “Registered to Name” so you know all is well under the “About” menu. When I click on the “Register Tinderbox” link, I can see my name and account number. But under that it says. “Register today…” But this does not seem to be accurate. Is this just me?

You should see a dialog like this:

The Tinderbox menu items ‘Preferences’ and ‘Register…’ both open the Register tab of Preferences - the only tab there since the v6 app re-design.

If registered, you will see a bit of text under the registration code telling you how many moths of free update remain within your current licence. If clicked the text opens the Tinderbox ordering page at Eastgate.

My recollection is that if out of free update cover, the above text on the dialog tells you you have ‘0 months.’ The caption you describe implies some other condition and as this is a public user-to-user forum, I suggest this is best handled via formal Tech Support: info@eastgate.com

Thanks. I will check this out. Appreciate the speedy reply. It is very helpful to get info. while I am still thinking about something.

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