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Replace #first(All Recent Posts,10) by a working query

My website is based on the old Flint template for Tinderbox (shows how long I’ve been using this).

I’m currently trying to update my webpage, but the query that was originally used to create the main page:

#first(All Recent Posts,10)

no longer returns any posts. What would be the best way to replace it by working code?
Basically, I want to find the n most recent descendants of a folder called Archive with *post as Prototype.

This seems to work, but I’m not sure it is also the idiomatic solution

#first(“Archive”, 10)

You no longer need the #. Nostalgic!

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Further to the last: see first(item[,number])

Most, if I recall, #codes are the same but without the #getting-started-where-is-how-do-i

The special #-prefix code was dropped as of v.4.6.0 (see) in March 2009! :scream:

So legacy support has served you well, but it does do to keep an eye on deprecations of old methods. If you’re using #-queries, likely you’ll want to check you code for attribute references that don’t start with a $. IOW, bad/legacy:

Color = "blue"

Current practice:

$Color = "blue";
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