Request for a Setting to Change Default Note Width in Map View

Hello everyone,

When using the Map View, I frequently find myself needing to adjust the size of the note cards. I would love a way to set a default width for newly created notes, eliminating the need to manually adjust their width every time I create a new note.

I’ve attempted to adjust note widths using Prototypes and Stamps, but these methods require either mouse clicks or keyboard shortcuts to implement, which can be somewhat cumbersome.

A potential solution I envision is adding an option to adjust the default note width in the Map settings. This way, users can customize their workflow, allowing new notes to better fit their needs right from the creation.

I believe this feature would be beneficial for many users who utilize the Map View, and could enhance our efficiency when using Tinderbox.

Thank you!

You can adjust the default value of $Width in the System Attributes pane of the Document Inspector.


Another approach is to set $Height/$Width in the map container’s $OnAdd. For instance, to set a width of 5 and height of 2:

$Width = 5;
$Height = 2;

Of course, you can’t do this on a root level map, as the parent of that is the doc so you’d need to set the document’s attribute defaults—see post above this. This is another good reason not to lazily use the default map: in a new document, make a container eg. ‘Map’ or Data’ or such. Now drill down and use this map as your ‘main’ map. Usefully this also keeps root-level containers like Hints and Prototypes out of the way on your map.


@eastgate the results I want in no time!

@mwra method is very advanced! Made me aware of more possibilities with $OnAdd !