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RunCommand as a Stamp

Can I use RunCommand as a stamp?

The content is a valid Curl command from the terminal. Why does this not work as a Stamp?


This works for me!

Are you using Big Sur?

Any other reason it might work on one computer but not another?

Not only does it not work - but after I run it, if I later try to exit Tinderbox I get a beach ball and need to do a Force Quit.

Ditto here. On macOS 11.1 – the stamp mentioned above does nothing in the current version of Tinderbox, and Tinderbox later beachballs and needs Force Quit.

There is no crash report and nothing is logged in the system log during this sequence of events, other than the termination event

Jan  3 05:17:36 MBPPW com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (application.com.eastgate.Tinderbox-8.217463046.217463085[43589]): Service exited due to SIGTERM | sent by Dock[578]

FWIW – the CURL command in the stamp works without incident in Terminal.

Can you tell me how to set up a dark theme for inspector like yours?

The Inspector’s theme depends on the overall system appearance: if your system is Dark then the Inspector will be dark.

Other Tinderbox settings depend on the color scheme, chosen in the Colors pane of Document Settings (⌘-8)

Thanks for the tip
switched to the dark theme in the terminal with the command
defaults write -g NSWindowDarkChocolate -bool TRUE