Select all linked notes?

Dear Forum,
I wonder if there is a simple way to select all notes that are linked to each other? I mean, to select one note in map view and then somehow automatically select all the notes that are linked directly and indiectly to that note. That would be very helpful for my Zettelkasten, since links often emerge far across the map view (flat structure with all Zettels in one container). To keep a tidy structure in map view, I regularly apply the “Arrange/Dance”-function to groups of linked notes, but selecting all linked notes manually is a bit of a hassle.

The hyperbolic view is useful, but it includes more kinds of notes in my overall knowledge management system, like sources that are located in another container (I am inspired by @beck ), so I prefer the map view for some of the different kinds of deliberation needed.

So, please tell me that there is a way, or that it is function for future versions :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

There is not a command that does this.

Tinderbox tries to avoid commands that select notes that are not in the current view. For example, if you select all linked notes and then pressed [Delete], you can see the notes in your map view, but not notes in other containers. So, you wouldn’t know you were deleting them.

Tinderbox agents can list all the notes that are linked to this note, or perhaps all the notes linked to this note by specific link types.

Further to the last, the closing paragraph implies use of action code operators linkedTo() and linkedFrom().

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Thanks for the quick reply! I understand the concern and I must admit that I overlooked the risk of inadvertently selecting notes that are linked through common sources stored in another container (including the sources themselves–deleting any of them by accident would be a disaster). Such function would need to be rather complex, only selecting the linked notes within the same container (and not across containers). I am not sure if it is even technically possible to construct such function (for a stamp?). Perhaps an interesting challenge for some of the experts on this forum? :slight_smile:

Anyway, selecting many notes while pressing the option key works okay (as long as the map is not too cluttered, which it tends to be in a growing Zettelkasten).

Thanks again!