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Selecting Focus in Hyperbolic View

Hello everyone. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here but I have a question and wonder if anyone can help.
I have a large TBX file that I’m using to track required course objectives this semester in two different classes. I work in map view but link back to course objective notes from individual course items. My plan has been to use Hyperbolic view to then track from these objectives to the various course items through links labelled “preps,” “teaches,” “practices,” etc. Importantly, the link networks for the two classes will never intersect, and in practice, each courses links clump into several, largely independent sub-networks.

The problem I’ve run into is that the focus note in hyperbolic view seems stuck: no matter what note I have selected in a view, when I switch to hyperbolic view the same note is always selected. This is annoying but in some cases I can navigate around the visible notes and find what I’m looking for and make it the focus, which redraws the link network the way I want. However, because there are notes that don’t link to each other through any number of steps, I don’t see anyway to reach them through hyperbolic view. I need to be able to select them in map view (or some other view) and have a hyperbolic view based upon them.

Does anyone have an idea what I’m doing wrong here?

And to show what I’m seeing, here’s screen shot of a map view with the note “Review of Literary Elements” selected. I’ve also pulled up a text window and dragged off a link browser of the same note so you can see that there are both basic and in-text links for hyperbolic view to work from:

Here is what I get when I switch this map tab to hyperbolic view:

FWIW, it seems like each class’s map tab has a separate “stuck” focus note.

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The focus – the root note of the hyperbolic view – is surrounded by a red outline. The initial focus is the note that was selected when the view was instantiated; you can change the focus by double-clicking any other note.

Hyberbolic view tabs remember the current focus.

There is a further possible confusion as if you single-click another note in hyperbolic view, the view re-draws based on that note but doesn’t alter the selection (red box).

The problem comes if you double-click too slowly, as the app responds to the first click, as above, re-drawing the map and the second click does the same (i.e. no change).

I find I get about a 50% success rate for double-click being correctly captured/acted upon. The further out from the centre of the dialog, the greater the seeming chance of a double-click not being correctly interpreted.

Hi! and thank you both. Based on what you write, I think I understand the basics correctly.

My problem relates to this:

In my screenshots, this isn’t what happens. In the first image “Review of Literary Elements” is selected when I switch to Hyperbolic view but “Practice Quiz—Bubble” is the focus from which the view is drawn. Once I’m Hyperbolic view, I can single- and double-click and these work as expected. However, I can only click on notes visible in the view. So if “Review of Literary Elements” doesn’t link back to “Practice Quiz—Bubble,” I can’t navigate to it in and can’t double-click to set it as the focus.

Is it possible I’m doing something wrong related to this:

What I see is each tab seems to have a different note “stuck” as its focus in Hyperbolic view and that regardless of which note I select in a map tab, switching that tab to a Hyperbolic view will always focus on the “stuck” note. Is there a way to clear a tab’s current focus?

And if this is odd-ball behavior that should go to support, please let me know.

It’s typically useful, if you want to explore a note currently on the periphery, to click it once. That brings it to the center; you can see it up close. Then, if you want to redraw the view with this note focused, it’s easy to double-click.

Often, just centering the note will be plenty.

Yes: a tab remembers its focuses. If you want to change that focus to another note, double-click it.

Why do you want to change the focus of this tab?

In my case, focus in map view is working as expected and focus once I’m in hyperbolic view are working as expected. My question is about the transition from one to the other.

This matters because hyperbolic view only displays notes that can be reached from the focus note by way of links. In my file, by design, there are notes that don’t (and never will) be reachable from each other by links. So it does come up that I want to see the links coming from a note in hyperbolic but the “stuck” focus note isn’t linked to that note and there’s no way to navigate to it within Hyperbolic view in order to change the focus.

What I understood was that I should then change the view back to a map, select the note I wish to have as the focus in hyperbolic view, and then change the view back to hyperbolic view. Currently though, that’s not working for me.

Select the note you want to be the focus, and then switch to hyperbolic view.

Each tab remembers its own selection and its own focus

In email, @eastgate sorted out that the problem I’m seeing may be linked to using the contextual menu on the tab icon to switch to hyperbolic view.

Using View—> Hyperbolic correctly launches the view using the note selected in the map as the focus. This solves my problem, so thanks for the help.

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