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Setting default link type

Hello all.

Is there a way to set a default link type (ie. lable, name) for links between notes and/or text such that it automatically appears as my pre-selected type in the link dialogue box?

To clarify, currently ‘*untitled’ is the pre-selected link type. At the moment I am creating many links of type ‘text’, and I wonder if there is a way to set ‘text’ as the default type (for the moment) and not have to repeatedly click in the drop-down link type list.

Furthermore, at other times in my work, other link types have set themselves (?) to be pre-selected as the automatic link type. How does this happen? How can I purposefully replicate it?

The last-used link type on the linking popup is the one that is proposed the next time the popup opens. So if you used “text” to link two notes, then the next time you add a link “text” should be proposed.

Update: error with “text” link type confirmed. See below.

Thanks Paul…but that’s not happening. It keeps resetting/reverting to ‘*untitled’.

I can confirm this - it seems that for some reason the particular link type title ‘text’ has this problem, whereas other user added link types don’t. For instance, a user-added link type ‘textual’ works as described above. Looks like a glitch that needs a fix before the normal behaviour is restored for a title of ‘text’.


The text link type is reserved for text links.

@eastgate , by ‘text links’ do you mean links from selected text within a note to other notes? That is what I am doing. Are there other examples of text links?