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Setting the timeline start and end times for a prototype


I’m trying to set up a prototype for a “daily” container, which should show notes sorted by created time, within an interval corresponding to the day.

(this worked very well on an ad-hoc basis, so I’m trying to move the logic into a prototype now)

I tried to set the $TimelineStart and $TimelineEnd attributes for the container in the prototype, but … maybe I’m getting the string interpolation wrong?

Currently I’m trying something like this, for the timeline start:

$Created.format("l") + "00:01"

Any hints or suggestions here are much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

What are you expecting to see? E.g., what is the current value of $Created and what string do you want that to be converted to?

Could you post here an attached sample .tbx file for what you are trying to accomplish.

If you want $TimelineStart to be $Created date but set to time 00:01 on that day:

$TimelineStart = $Created;
$TimelineStart = time($TimelineStart,00,01);
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I can try to create a dummy .tbx file showing a stripped down version, but essentially, something like this:

  • I create a ‘daily log’ container from a prototype
  • When I view this in timeline mode, I want the start and end to be set to the start and end of that day
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Thanks Mark, this sounds exactly like what I need, where would I place this snippet of code ?

Aha! I added it into the Rule for the prototype, and it worked!

Thank you!

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Good. By all means follow up if still stuck. :slight_smile:

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