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Simple search crashes program — help

I have a document with about 3300 notes. Some of them have an asterisk () in the title. I want to pull them together with an agent.
I am trying the Query $Name.icontains(“
”). The program freezes and the computer crashed. What am I doing wrong?



First, did you have curly quotes? You want straight quotes, of course. (This is probably an artifact of Discourse, our forum software.

So, I assume you actually wrote:


This won’t crash – at least it didn’t when I tried it – but it won’t do what you want, because the character * has a special meaning here. It means, “0 for more repetitions of the preceding pattern.” This lets you search for things like “a capital letter, optionally followed by some digits.”

What you want to do is to search for a literal asterisk.


Here, the backslash means “take the next character literally: I mean an asterisk, not a wildcard character.”

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I think I love you! BH

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