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Slow rendering in Map View when switching from other apps to Tinderbox

Hi everyone,
I am not sure if this is a known issue. I have a Tinderbox document with around 200 notes. I see the delay in rendering of Map View (around 2-3 seconds) when I switch from other apps to Tinderbox. My setup:

  • Tinderbox version: v9.0
  • OS version: macOS BigSur v11.6.1

Do you have any idea or suggestion about this issue? Please see below screenshot for how it looks during the delay (the texts are small and shortened), after the delay, I can see the Map View with normal size texts.
Thank you very much!

P/S: I have disabled the “Agent Update Automatically” and the View → Guides, but this issue does exist.

Please post the document here, or email it to bernstein@eastgate.com. We’ll be able to see what”s taking 2-3 seconds.

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Dear Mark,
Thank you very much for your suggestion and effort. I sent you the documents via email.
The slow rendering doesn’t always happen, but sometimes when I switch between tabs inside Tinderbox or switching back to Tinderbox from other MacOS applications.

Thank you very much!
Best regards,

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