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Small Addition to the Toolbar: Stamps Menu

It seems there is not a lot of interest in creating additional tools for the toolbar in Tinderbox. However, I would like to suggest one small addition: add the Stamps menu to the toolbar.

This enhancement would allow users to configure all kinds of formatting of selected notes, moving notes, or practically anything that can be done using Tinderbox scripting or Mac command line - all within easy reach.

I work on a large screen and getting up to the menu bar to select the desired stamp from the Stamp menu (or any of the formatting menu items) is too much mousing. Yes, I could set up a ⌘ short cut, but that means I need to take my hands off the mouse to execute the keyboard command.


My ultimate goal if this is adopted and found useful is eventually we can put individual stamps on the toolbar, and not have to scroll through the full Stamps menu to execute the desired stamp. Just click an icon on the toolbar to execute the stamp. This would be incredibly powerful.

I would also appreciate a Stamps menu on the toolbar, to make scripting TBX easier.

I too would like to have this feature!