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Stop Ziplinks from changing the capitalization of a link

When using ziplinks is there a way to have Tinderbox not change the capitalization of the link? For example, if the note I’m linking to is capitalized, e.g. Trialabiity, but my ziplink is not, e.g. [[trialability, I’m finding that Tinderbox is automatically capitalizing the link. I would like it NOT to do this.

Note $Names are case-sensitive. Thus ‘Trialability’ != ‘trialability’, as these represent different notes. If you want to use a text anchor that is not the same [sic] as the note, the ziplinks method already allows you to specify different. To zip-link to ‘Trialability’ with anchor text ‘trialability’:

Wrong: [[trialability]] (this will generarate a link to new note called ‘trialability’)

Right: [[Trialability|trialability]]

Bear in mind the app can’t tell you’ve mistyped the note $Name, especially as the syntax offers a method to offer an anchor text other than the target note $Name.