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Struggling with the "Getting Started with Tinderbox Tutorial"


I have been slowly working through the Tinderbox Tutorial and have gotten as far as the “Automatically Extracting Values” section, however when I attempt to re-create the agent query and action in the example provided It doesn’t seem to work. With previous examples I have had to figure out how use the syntax and where to place it as it appears to be slightly different than what is explained (I presume due to update changes). This time though, I cannot seem to figure out how to get this to work as described. If anyone has experience with the “Getting Started with Tinderbox” tutorial and can provide some insight (or example), it would be greatly appreciated.

OK, it appears we’re talking about Chapter 10 of the tutorial (on agents) and specifically the section on pages 72-74.

From your screen grab, your agent is finding notes (17 - as shown bottom right of the grab).

It looks like the tutorial has a typo. The action, using the date() is using the parameters in the wrong order. It should be in the form date(year,month,day,[hour,min]) as explained in more detain here.

Thus the action in your file (and the tutorial PDF!) should be:


Testing this (in a different test file) I observed notes with no $PublicationYear got a $StartDate of “01/01/1, 00:00” which is clearly not desirable, so a real-world version of the above might better be:


Of course, in the tutorial context the notes of interest do have a $PublicationYear, and the aim is not to over-complicate!

I hope that helps - do ask if not!

We’ll correct that incorrect example is the next update.


Thank you for the clarification. The should be correction did produce the corresponding result as described. The "real world version still shows “01/01/1, 00:00” but as you stated, best not to overcomplicate. For my purposes the clarification helps me move along through the tutorial.

I appreciate your assistance.