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Styling Adornments

Here is a screen grab of an adornment I’m working with, it’s hours of the day:

Is there any way to align those labels differently? I’d like to experiment with having them at the top of their row and possibly vertically centered and flush left.


As far as I’m aware, although I could be wrong, I don’t think there’s a way to do it at present.

I had a similar situation, and I ended up doing them as separate adornments and “snapping” them together using guides. That allowed me to put the Title where I wanted.


There’s no control at present for the placement of grid labels.

I’m open to the idea.

I’ve been using adornments lots lately to sort and organize thoughts. It’s working great. Sometimes I use multiple ones, but lately I’m finding the grid to be my go to. So far, it’s not been a problem but this once.

Hi Beck - don’t know what your particular scenario is, but one thing I like about adornments is the ability to make smart adornments, in case you weren’t aware that adornments can have queries as well.

I do a thing where I set up an adornment for the day, but don’t actually put anything in it yet. I make my notes on the map below, and then when the day is done, with this action code applied (using a stamp that also sets size and other stuff) $Created==$Created(adornment), all the notes will jump onto the adornment in a neat grid. There’s sometimes a bit of adjustment needed if there are a lot of notes for that day.

I find it psychologically satisfying to have notes messy and ad hoc while I’m making them, but neat and ordered when the day is done.

Neat! I didn’t know about that. Thanks, Marc.

The tidying effect you mention reminds me of the experience below, but in an opposite sort of way.

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