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Tables in Notes & Markdown


I’m trying to figure out how to add a table to one of my notes.

I’ve turned on the ruler and while it supports lists I couldn’t see an option for tables. I’ve also tried using Markdown but the Markdown processor doesn’t appear to support the |–|--|–| syntax.

How do people do tables?



Format > Text > Table?

Here is a previous discussion about using markdown (and multimarkdown).

Is it possible in Tinderbox to include a css style sheet to customize markdown/multimarkdown preview ?

Is it possible now? No. But by all means email in a feature suggestion to Eastgate.

Partial untested solution. When previewing, if the page/site has already been exported, the preview uses JS libraries, CSS, etc., within the exported folders. This might solve your CSS issue.

Bear in mind that historically ‘preview’ was designed for previewing (HTML) export and so wasn’t intended de novo for in-app rendering.

Actually, I believe the new markdown facility does understand tables. Of course, you’ll need to use the Markdown prototype, or derive your own prototype from it. The Markdown prototype uses the classic Markdown syntax, but if you prefer another – MultiMarkdown, perhaps – just install it and specify the appropriate path in $HTMLPreviewCommand.

Brilliant Mark, thanks.

That was my experience also.

Right: Tables aren’t supported in classic Markdown. https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax

But you can easily install the markdown of your choice and set the prototype’s path accordingly.

You want to set $HTMLPreviewCommand, which runs before preview.

$HTMLExportCommand runs on exported files after export, and is useful if you need to modify the exported HTML.