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Taskpaper and Tinderbox

Importing taskpaper files into Tinderbox does not populate $DueDate (within TBX) with data from the taskpaper file.


How is the due date represented in your Taskpaper file?

It appears that Tinderbox doesn’t pull due or start dates in from tags in Taskpaper documents, as in

- this is a task @due(2017-09-01)

It would be great if this were supported. In the mean time, you can add some variant of this edict to your Taskpaper Task and Taskpaper Project prototypes:

if ($Name.contains("@due\((.*)\)")) { $DueDate=$1; };
if ($Name.contains("@start\((.*)\)")) { $StartDate=$1; }

As long as you’ve formatted your Taskpaper dates in a way that Tinderbox can parse as a date, this should work fine.

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