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TB and Catalina Notes

First - many thanks for 8.2 and a solution to problem of importing items from the Calendar - much appreciated here.

I’m wondering if there’s a glimmer of an ETA for a solution/workaround to the Notes issue - in which TB can’t Watch a Notes folder. I believe that the problem is with Apple & Notes (I see that other apps have similar issues), but I hope that there might be a workaround coming?

Thanks again

This is, alas, firmly in Apple’s court. The consensus appears to be that scripting is entirely broken in Catalina notes. Apple is famously secretive about update schedules, but this has the fingerprints of an accident, not intentional abandonment of the facility.

I understand. Fingers crossed that Apple gets its act together before much longer.

Thanks, as always

Hi, some newbie trouble…
Is there any other way to sync or at least import Apple Notes ?
It’s a pain to retype them.

Due i want to be able to take Notes on iPhone iPad, what is the recommended way to push them into TB ?
Thanks in advance.

Two methods that work:

  1. Use Simplenote. You’ll need a Simplenote account, but it’s free. There are Mac and IOS apps. In Tinderbox, you connect to Simplenote vie Edit, Document Settings, Account and enter your Simplenote credentials. If you add (optional) tags to the dialog, TB will only sync notes with those tags. Plain text only
  2. If you have Devonthink To Go on IOS and DT on Mac, you can Watch a DT Group and create notes there.

Watched Evernote notebooks work well, also.

One thing I like doing with watching Evernote notebooks is to watch a notebook into which I’ve placed a number of Evernote Table of Contents notes – provides a collection of links back to Evernote if I need to access something another piece of information stored there.

Remember that copy/paste works fine, too. I expect that eventually Apple will notice that all scripting in Notes is broken, and will have someone fix this.

Watch Folder from Notes appears to work in Big Sur beta.