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Template Question

I have tried this code both in my HTML Template and under Text:

In each case the HTML code for the item appears correct:

and the Preview or the actual rendered HTML in my browser looks correct:


But in fact the links do not work - I get some version of what the link should be prefaced by a reference to my local file structure. Why might this be:



Why don’t you make a document with this sample note and its templates and prototypes, and post that here? Or send it to tinderbox@eastgate.com if that’s better for you.

OK here you go


Tinderbox Kaplan Bug.tbx (89.1 KB)

Aha! You had me going there for a minute!

The problem is that, in your HTML, you’re surrounding the URL with typographic or “curly” quotes. HTML requires straight quotes.
If you’re typing HTML into the text of a note, it’s usually best to turn off Smart Quotes: Format ▸ Text ▸ Smart Quotes, or set the attribute $SmartQuotes of the note to false.

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Aha indeed - simple enough. That you!