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Text and Subtitle in Outline view

Is it possible to show Subtitles, and Texts in Outline (Not on the right text pane but within Outline.)?

I’d like to see text under the title for each. :heart_eyes:

In short, No. $Subtitles, ( $Subtitle) are a map view only affordance,—or at least they are by current (v9.3.0) design intent.

The outline view shows the title ($Name) only by default. To show more would require re-designing the view.

Is there a use case (i.e. need vs. would be neat if) for this? I don’t ask that to be negative, but this possible change appears to have noticeable ROI codes to implement. It doesn’t mean the idea is without merit, bit implementing it might not be cost effective (this the question about the use case and the idea being the only way to se such data)…

If it is a difficult matter, it is a non-issue for me.
When I was using an outline tool, the one I utilized the most was Dynalist, and it was useful to have the content work in conjunction with the title to give a sense of the volume of text.

Currently, when I operate a map in Tinderbox, I am free to make the title only, or display the title and text, etc., .

This is because some information sources can be manipulated only by displaying the title, while others require glancing at the content to assist, and the difference is difficult to state clearly.

When a word that is appropriate as a title is found mixed in with a group of other text, sometimes an aid to its content may be necessary.

A diary, for example, may have a title that symbolizes the date and content, or it may only have the date.
In the latter case, there are several details during the day that cannot be clearly indicated as “Today was such and such a day.”
Even in such cases, it is much more helpful to display only the first line to quickly perceive the content.

I wish it were possible to do this not only in map view but also in outline view. I wish it were possible to do so in the outline view. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

One approach would be a DisplayExpression:

$Name+" : "+$Subtitle

Another approach would be to add a column to the outline view for $Subtitle.

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To give a simpler example, when I write a lot in a hurry, I often use only the date or time as the title, or untitled, and I often have to reorganize it later. In such cases, the current outline view creates difficulties.

I did it,

$Name+" : 

But Could I show it only first a few sentencies?

Yes, but—politely—this is he “don’t make me think” response which we are all—myself included—prone.

Your question asked about “Text and Subtitle in Outline view” (my bolding). As @eastage just pointed out a workaround is to make the $DisplayName, i.e the on screen caption use an evalauted value rather than the actual saved tilte ($Name).

A Display Expression could—or might—show the title ($Name) and subtitle ($Subtitle) as discrete line item which is what I think your question implies.

I think there are two issues mixed up here:

  • how to display content
  • how to effectively capture notes

Your question implies the former and is I think answered (several ways) already, but I sense you are seeking the latter.

What you describe seems to refer to capturing note metadata as the ‘original’ note title and then adding the real title later but as the subtitle, but presumably only because of a fear of losing the original metadata.

Which question are we answering here? I say that not to imply the original one was wrong, but—given your follow-up—it is now ambiguous!

Thanks for all your detailed replies!
I am also working on understanding Action and Query while utilizing Tinderbox.
Let me ask again so that I can better use it, validating what you wrote! :blush:

You could also use the $Subtitle attribute and then show column view or use the attribute browser.

Okay, I’ll try it!
thanks!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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