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Text color of a note - note title and note body - set color HOWTO?

I’m trying to set the color of the Note Title to e.g. blue, and the color of the Note body to let’s say green.

I’ve been playing with:

But the results are not what I expect.
Most of the time I don’t even see any change.

  • How do I do this?
  • Is there any need to do some refresh to apply changes?

Thanks for helping out!

The color of the title of a note is $NameColor.

The color of the body of the note is $Color.

The easiest way to set these properties manually is the Title pane of the Text Inspector:

The other attributes you mentioned are

TextColor: the initial color of the body text in the text pane
SubtitleColor: the color of the subtitle, which can appear below the title in map view
TitleForegroundColor: the color used for the big title at the top of the text pane. This seldopm-used attribute is handy when the $NameColor is very light, and therefore hard to see against the light window background.

The System Pane of the Document Inspector lets you select any attribute and gives a short definition of what it does.

Thanks a lot for explaining!
Do you have by any chance any pointer to an example of how to do this in an automated way?

Do you have by any chance any pointer to an example of how to do this in an automated way?

The tutorial in the Help menu, “Getting Started With Tinderbox: Agents and Actions” might help. Can you tell us a bit more about what you’re working on?

Yes of course;
As a matter of fact I am digging around to gain as much information about using TBX as possible.

I think even before reading your reply, last night in bed I was reading up on my iPad mini and found the accompanying pdf of “Getting Started With TBX: Agents and Actions” referring to the accompanying TBX file.

What do I have in mind?
I work in home-building engineering and setup electrical and home automation circuitry. These installations need to be approved after a technical inspection by an accredited inspection company. To document the installation we use electrical diagrams but also need a kind of floor-plan illustrating how the the wiring is setup.

I am contemplating the use of the floor-plan / building layout as an adornment in TBX. Each TBX-note would represent a device of a specific type e.g. switch, luminary appliance or intelligent switch or whatever home automatin device or sensor.

What I would most certainly need is a way to export information, preferably to csv. (I know TBX does not do this directly)
E.g. some right-clicking would expose export / copy the pre-defined attributes to be pasted in a txt file and so on.

Notes would also contain documentation of the relevant devices. Not sure yet how: embedded in a note or linked to a note.


If you have a group of notes that share characteristics — say, they all represent a smart light dimmer — and you want the Tinderbox notes to share an appearance, give all those notes a common prototype. That way, all the light dimmers can be (say) blue with yellow titles.

Thanks for the tip, Mark!
I’m not that far yet, but hope to get there in the next couple of weeks :wink:
If I get to a point that sufficiently satisfies me, I’ll definitely post screenshots or an example.