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"Text" or "Preview"

Is it possible to specify “Text” or “Preview” for each note in the right panel when clicking on a note? :upside_down_face:

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No, and logically so. ‘Preview’ is actually ‘export preview’, i.e. what the text will look like when exported.

You can’t edit in preview mode, again logically so, as the render involves both the note’s $Text (and attributes) and export templates.

If you want to view the preview of the note, see the Window menu and either:

  • Show Text Pane Selector. this is actually a show/hide toggle command. Sadly it is off by default—which leads to just the sort of questions above. Sadly, the doc default is hidden and there is no preference to alter that.
  • Preview in Text Pane (⌥⌘E) Cycles the text sub-pane selection (Text → Preview → Export → Text, etc.). This works even if the above on-screen controls are hidden.

Note: An exception to the above are any notes using the HTML or Action prototypes as logically these are only ever used as code and the code—in this context——is the $Text. So, there is no preview/export render (it would look no different!(.

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In case you make a feature request:

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If you use existing controls (as described above) Tinderbox will remember the selected pane (e.g. text/preview/code) as you change notes.

Althuogh a per-note setting seems plausible (“Of course, I’ll remember which setting, where, etc.”) plausible, i suspect it won’t provide much over the existing controls. Put another way, making full use of existing affordances may make the need for the extra control seem less pressing. I writing that as someone who in the past has lobbied for things that turned out to not be needed once I embraced the existing features; so no criticism there.

Note you don’t have to show the text pane controls (if the loss of screen space offends) as the shortcut—again, above—cycles the sub-views regardless of whether the on-screen controls are visible.

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Thank you for your support!! i got it! :smiley:

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The Window menu of
Preview in Text Pane/Export Pane/Edit in Text Pane . ( ⌥⌘ E )
is enough for me. Thanks! :smiley:

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