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Text Pane Goes Away?

Twice now (in the same file) I’ve experienced the text pane going away. Attributes still display, Preview and HTML still work. Closing and reopening the file worked today, though the first time it happened, I think I had to reboot (either TB or my machine, can’t recall).

Any one ever seen this?

Only in the case where the text window is too small, just drag it (the splitter pane) to the left and it works; but in this example does not seem to be the case.

Not seen. But another thing to try, en route to a restart is to click the tab (i.e. the text label) of the current document tab. If you see the title turn red, that’s fine—it’s the app telling you it’s re-building the view. It’s a useful way to force a redraw of both the view and text panes.

In the screen grab it looks like you’ve drilled into the (empty) map of a root level note and added a new note. But, I see no obvious reason for that to have the effect you’re getting.

Thanks for the tip about the red title click, I’ll see how that impacts my use.

And this particular map wasn’t empty, just moved to a portion of the screen that didn’t show other notes.

Ah. Sadly, I’ve no further insights (guesses!) here. If you can get reproducible steps share here or with support. The fact it’s not happening a lot of people would suggest some tiny unintentional thing you may be doing is triggering this odd behaviour.

My hunch is a doc re-open should ‘fix’ the issue rather than a full app restart, but unless you’ve multiple docs open you might as well re-start both. Sorry for lack of further ideas at this point.