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Text Window and Key Attributes

I have a few prototypes that include a long list of Key Attributes. This means that when I open a Text Window on a note that uses such a prototype, there is almost no $Text visible. Is there any way of getting round this problem? It makes the Text Window rather less useful as a Text Window, though it remains fine as a way of seeing the Key Attributes. It would be nice if the Key Attributes could be collapsed or hidden from view, but I don’t think this is possible. I may be wrong.

If you resize the text window of a note to make it taller, the note will remember its size and, next time, will open to give the text more elbow room.

You can collapse the key attributes in a main window, but not in a text window.

Thanks, that helps, though I have to say I do hanker after a Text Window that only has $Text in it – they are handy to dot around the screen, and that works better if they are small so you can have more than one and not obscure too much of what lies below. And I believe there are other ways to access Key Attributes if you want to.


How about View ▸ Hide Key Attributes? This works in text windows!

Aaaah – now you tell me!!

Thanks, that will help!