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Text Windows Not Keeping Position

It used to be the case that when a text window was opened it could be moved to a new position on the screen and that position would be preserved whenever it was closed and re-opened. That is not now the behaviour of text windows, although I don’t know when it was changed (sometime early v.6?). As there are use cases that are not possible if the text window keeps position, can this be re-introduced as a feature - or is there a work-around?


I am pretty sure the text window (**View > Text Window) will remain in position as long as it remains open, including when the document is closed with a text window visible, and then the document is reopened. The window will reappear in the same position.

Clearly there is a different experience you have in mind.

Could you explain what this means?

As you know, a lot of things have changed since v5 in how Tinderbox is structured.

Further to the last, v6+ doesn’t have the old pre-v6 text windows. In v6+ you can open a secondary window for the text of a given note, see here.

As has been pointed out, if the doc is closed with open secondary text window(s), they will re-open with the doc. But if you close a secondary text window, than subsequently re-open it, I believe it opens in the default location for new windows (it is, in v6+ terms a new window).

If you want Tinderbox to behave as if on the old code base—where each note opened a discrete text window, I’d email Eastgate explaining the use case.

Thanks Mark, Paul,

I think my memory is faulty - I thought the v.5 behaviour was also present in some post-v.5 versions but I was obviously wrong. It’s no big deal - I can work out what it was I wanted to do.