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Thanks Tinderbox!

Hi everyone,

I just finished my general exam (submitted my answers this morning, still have to defend them in a couple weeks). It was a two week intensive writing effort that called on literature from about 100 readings. Tinderbox was the perfect tool for the task, especially in helping me find clarity for how to frame each answer and find connections across the literature.

:raised_hands: for being such a great piece of software and community!


Congratulations Beck! And many thanks for generously sharing your research & Tinderbox methods along the way. :clap::tada::clap:


Congratulations for your work!

Congrats! And thanks for your excellent videos.

Another shout of congrats, Beck! I binge watched all of your posted videos and learned a great deal.

Any chance you would consider posting your TB file or sharing your bib? Several of your referenced works lead me to want to chase for myself.

Well done you! And, of course, many thanks for your great contributions here

Thanks all! I’ll be posting some new videos about my process once the defense is complete and I can be more open about the content and nature of my questions. Soon!

Congratulations, Beck! And thanks for your very helpful videos and perspective.

Good luck with the defense.


an embarrassingly belated KUDOS :champagne: :clinking_glasses: