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The mystery of the disappearing tabs

I don’t know whether this is a feature or a bug but it is certainly annoying me. I’m enclosing a screenshot so that you guys can have an idea of the problem I’m having.

For some reason, whenever I open notes in tabs, the tabs appear and disappear intermitently. The screenshot shows the tab hidden behind the main screen and the screen keeps on moving up and down. This happens in both my desktop and laptop. Has anybody noticed this behaviour?


You have chosen View ▸ Tab ▸ Hide Tabs. This collapses the tab barm, as you see, until you hover over the tab bar. If you do move the mouse there, the tab bar expands so you can switch tabs.

This was requested by Tinderboxers with big maps and small screens!

Thanks! I see now. I don’t remember having activated that option but I obviously must have activated it at some point.


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Same thing happened to me a while back.