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Tinderbox And Narrative MEETUP: October 23

Tinderbox and Narrative

Narrative ranges from campfire stories to technical manuals, from history to experimental biophysics. We’ll talk about some of the ways we think about narrative design in Storyspace and Tinderbox.

This week’s meetup will be led by frequent contributor Carolivia Herron of Howard University. Prof. Herron is the author of Thereafter Johnnie , Nappy Hair , and editor of Selected works of Angelina Weld Grimké. Her children’s book, Always an Olivia , recounts the coming of Herron’s Jewish ancestors from Tripoli to the Georgia Sea Islands. She was the librettist for the opera “Let Freedom Sing: The Story of Marian Anderson,” and she is working on a new hypertext fiction about graduate school.

Time: Saturday October 23, 2021 Noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)

9 AM Pacific Time
Noon Eastern time
1300 São Paulo
1600 UTC
1700 London
1800 Paris
2130 Dehli

Zoom link for the meetup

Recordings of previous meetups

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Ahead of tomorrow’s meet-up and because Storyspace is less written /known about (despite bering Tinderbox’s elder sister), few Storyspace related links.

Howard Oakley’s blog’s page on Storyspace (and Tinderbox) related articles & tutorials: Storyspace and hypertext: index to articles (version 2) – The Eclectic Light Company

Did you know the venerable ‘Victorian Web’ from the early days of hypertext is connected with Storyspace/ See Credits: Who Created The Victorian Web?

Getting Started With Hypertext Narrative book - I think it is included in the Storyspace app (@eastgate may correct me here)

A traversal of @eastgate’s hypertext work Those Trojan Girls

Dene Grigar’s REBOOTING ELECTRONIC LITERATURE VOLUME 3: DOCUMENTING PRE-WEB BORN DIGITAL MEDIA includes info about some important Storyspace works.

The Storyspace page at Eastgate , also includes some links to other info about Storyspace.

Intertwingled, again by @eastgate is also an interesting read.

Heard of afternoon: a story or Patchwork Girl or Victory Garden? Yes, that’s Storyspace.

Fun factoid. The Storyspace app premiered at the first ACM hypertext conference HYPERTEXT’87 (Uppercase was just emphasis as back in the day screens didn’t have bold, italics , etc.). see Storyspace: Hypertext and the Process of Writing (full article is ACM members only, but see also: internet search)

My incomplete records include some 42 published papers by Mark Bernstein in the area of hypertext and narrative and associated topics. See the ‘Selected Research’ sidebar of Mark’s blog. ‘Patterns of Hypertext’ is one much cited work.

I’m sure others can add some more links for the interested or merely curious.


Did anyone save the chat log for this. Call ended before I remembered to do so. Asking so i can add it to the meet-ups Meetup logs/threads.

I have it, but it’s at Headquarters. I’ll send Monday.

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just a reminder - please share the chat log with us :wink:

Stacey Mason’s thesis, as referred to during the meet-up is just now online at Responsiveness in Narrative Systems

Here’s the chat log: chat.txt.zip (3.1 KB)

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