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Hi all –– I’m just learning Tinderbox and there’s so much I love about it. I’m a journalist and I’d like to use the app for two ke7 purposes: 1) A “second brain” where I store and organize all of my work information, from reporting notes to story ideas to notes from staff meetings and one-on-ones with my editor 2) As a source list with a separate note for each of my sources and key attributes assigned to their company, industry, area of expertise, etc. The roadblock I’ve hit is that the whole document doesn’t seem to be searchable beyond the container I’m currently at in the map. In other words, if I’ve got sources nested deep in a container –– or containers within containers –– Tinderbox doesn’t seem to be able to find those notes. I’m sure it can find them with an agent, of course, but I’d like to be able to just do a quick search for someone or something and surface the note quickly. Forgive me if I’m missing something totally obvious –– again, I’m super new –– but could anyone lend any insights on how I can quickly find data buried deep within the containers of my document? Thanks so much. –– Tony

The Search Bar does search the entire document. Its results window shows two lists: one of notes visible in the current view, and beneath that a list of notes in the document that are not in the current view.

The distinction arises because double-clicking a result in the second list will change the current view, and you might not want that. Instead, you might right-click to open a new text window on that note.

Given your profession and interests, you might find it useful to search for posts by @JFallows, such as this one: http://forum.eastgate.com/t/questions-about-the-usefulness-of-tinderbox/3411/10. You might pick up some ideas about using the program in journalism. Best of luck.

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Welcome to the forum. Further to Eastgate’s comments, I’ve some notes on the view pane’s Find bar (⌘+F) and the Find results pop-up and the pop-up menu for opening results in a new tab. The Find results pop-up can also be dragged so as to create a ‘torn-off’ window of results.