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Tinderbox de-registered!

Dear all,
A quick question. My tinderbox app has turned back into an unregistered demo.
I had been making space on my disk and perhaps deleted something required for validation.
When I try to re-register I am having no luck!
Any advice?
Many thanks

  1. Be sure to enter your name and registration code exactly as they appear in your “Welcome To Tinderbox” email.

  2. If you haven’t upgraded in the last year, you might need to upgrade to use the latest Tinderbox.

  3. If troubles persist, take a screenshot of your registration window and send it to tinderbox@eastgate.com; perhaps we can see what’s wrong.

The same thing happened to me last week. As it turns out, it had actually reverted back to my old (and no longer valid) license key. Only when I confronted the different keys, I noticed what had happened.

Many thanks, I will email a screenshot of the registration (which seems identical to the “welcome” details, and Ive only had one registration so far so I can’t have reverted.)
Best wishes