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Tinderbox DEVONThink Office integration

I’ve read a lot about Tinderbox integration with DEVONThink Office. I decided to keep copies of my Tinderbox files in DEVONThink data base. What surprised me is that in DEVONThink mode only first map screenshot of Tinderbox note is displayed and absolutely no text extracted from notes to devonthink window. What is wrong with this integration?

Surely this is a question for a DEVONthink forum? Though the developers speak, how DEVONthink shows a Tinderbox —or other file type—is up to DEVONthink. The Tinderbox quick view in Finder shows the front view pane (Map, Outline, etc.) and I’d guess that is what DEVONthink is leveraging.

Nothing, as far as I’m aware. I think the problem is simply that your assumptions go beyond currently offered functionality. Why not make a DEVONthink feature request in the DEVONthink forums?

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DEVONthink uses QuickLook for each file type. What you get when you use QuickLook in Finder is what DEVONthink will display.

It does pretty much the same for Scrivener files too: I still index all of my Tinderbox and Scrivener files in DT though as the limited depth of info can still be useful.

If DT doesn’t see inside TB notes then there is no reason to use it.

A tad dismissive I think. Maybe not for some ways of working, but I have now created a hundred or more Tinderbox docs - all relevant to the same large non-fiction research project, and doing a DT term search can (and often does) remind me of the location of a note I need.

This is helped by the descriptive content of the note title and the flatness of my Tinderbox outline view, so a lot of notes titles are displayed even if their content isn’t. Easy enough then to open that doc from within DT and read the note.

I’m just a beginner but there are literally 100s of reason I can think of to use TB in conjunction with DT

Prashant, please name me most interesting uses.

HI Sergey,
This one is in a hurry , since its 1AM here , more coming up

To begin with DTPro for me is my everything collection box , I do a lot of capturing inside, organised in groups.

My simplest use case is to write my thought on the article I’m collecting. So I will drag items from DTPRO,

  • I then create two to three child which are my thoughts on the item & ideas from parent note, my notes are linked plus It helps writing it my own lingo
  • The tags from DTPRO are automatically carried into TB which I can sort out using an agent into another attributes. I’m not aware if Custom DTPro fields are supported?
  • I then use of an agent to “view” all my written notes which I can then link in a “map” view

You can use the Tinderbox “watch folder” feature to watch a DT folder, giving you a visual overlay on any subset of your DT database that you want.

Katherine, thanks.

Prashant, thank you! Could you send me an example file with agent?

Sergie School Topics.tbx (328.5 KB)

Please find attached a quick file . There are two articles dragged from DT, effect of lockdown on kids and reality show affect on kids.
The items areAgent here only showcase items where are checked.


Others will share with you very complex agent which can showcase latest summary by themselves.