Tinderbox Meetup: Brainstorming (Dec 18)

This week , we’ll talk about brainstorming and Tinderbox. Tinderbox maps are a terrific way to capture ideas quickly, and also to sketch relationships among them. We’ll look at some different approaches.

HAVE QUESTIONS about Tinderbox 9.1? Looking for advice on a new project? Drop in at this week’s meetup!

Time: Saturday December 18, 2021 Noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)

9 AM Pacific Time
Noon Eastern time
1400 São Paulo
1600 UTC
1700 UTC/London
1800 Paris
2230 Dehli

Zoom link for the meetup

It should read:

14:00 São Paulo
17:00 UTC/London
22:30 Dehli

Chat log:
chat.txt.zip (3.3 KB)

video: Tinderbox Meetup 18 Dec 2021 on Vimeo

some free templates.
They can be downloaded, converted to image and used as adornments

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