Tinderbox Meetup Video - Saturday, May 13, 2023: Using TBX as a CRM, Email and Social Media Posts from TBX

Tinderbox Meetup - Saturday May 13, 2023 Video: Using TBX as a CRM, Email and Social Media Posts from TBX

Level Intermediate
Published Date 5/13/23
Type Meetup
Tags 5Cs, 5Cs Learning and Knowledge Management, Action Code, Attributes, Automation, CRM, Email, Hashtag Cloud, Hootsuite, Jerry Michalski, Obsidian, Project Managment, Social Media, Templates, The Brain, Tinderbox
Video Length 01:29:58
Video URL TBX L Meetup 13MAY23 - YouTube
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TBX Version 9.5
Instructor Michael Becker

In this Tinderbox meetup, we compared and constructed Tinderbox to other apps, like The Brain and Obsidian. No tool is necessarily better than another; it all depends on your individual context in need. Mark Anderson and Michael Becker demonstrated quantitative analysis in Tinderbox. We explored displayed expression use and the role of a parser. Peter Wasilko asked a question “Has anyone used Tinderbox as a CRM tool.” Riffing on this question, Michael Becker explains how he uses TBX as a CRM and project management tool. He explained how action code can be used to create people, entity, and term notes. He demonstrated how it emails people from Tinderbox using different templates. He concluded his demonstration by showing how he creates and manages his social media posts and Tinderbox and automates the posting of them with Hootsuite.


  • A review of tools, e.g., the Brain, Obsidian
  • CRM in Tinderbox
    • Creating entities
    • Creating people
    • Using role attribute
    • Emailing from Tinderbox
  • Managing and posting social media posts, including the automation of a hashtag and mentions cloud
  • Basic Project Management in Tinderbox


  • The Brain
    • has closed rank around a closed product (two attributes, type and a tag); they don’t want to link to other products
    • it is a mind-mapping tool
  • Obsidian
  • Tinderbox
    • Forces you to think about your notes, your connection, and structure, the UI is not that important.
    • The interface, get out o the way
    • Getting stuff out


  • Marketcircle’s Daylite is a good lightweight CRM
  • Jerry Michalski, The Brain expert
  • In the early Industrial Age in the UK, it took 75 years to agree on “standard” screw threads… & to best of my memory there are still 5 “standard” screw threads in use soruce
  • Book: Philadelphia’s Philosopher Mechanics: A History of the Franklin Institute 1824 - 1865" by Bruce Sinclair
  • Book: The Dawn of Innovation: The First American Industrial Revolution," Charles R. Morris, 2012
  • Book: Engineering Rules: Global Standard Setting since 1880, Craig Murphy & JoAnne Yates
  • Book: The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World, Simon Winchester
  • Book: William Kent’s “Data & Reality,” 1978

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