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Tinderbox style.css file

I have tried to alter the style.css file in the Tinderbox/Contents/Resources/Markdown folder but it does not alter the way that the markdown Previews.

I note that the original style.css has sans fonts but the preview always comes up with a Times Roman font. Whatever I do.

Please help.

Leigh Sagar

You could try using the app support markdown folder. Failing that, you’d need to ask Support (info@eastgate.com) about the app internals.

FWIW, I find it best to create a note with the Code prototype in my documents, and use that note for all css, whether for HTML or Markdown, etc. The internal css mentioned about can be copied there if desired. The css note (say “myCSS”) can be included in any template with


If needed, an export can export that note for external use in a set of exported notes.

This gives me more control than depending on some external referenced note, that doesn’t always work, as noted by the OP.

Edit: Or do what the post just below suggests. I use css notes in starting point files (aka stationary files) and when I don’t want to use the file used in the method below.

Oh — don’t do this! Instead, add your style.css in the Markdown folder in the Tinderbox Support Folder (open from the Help menu, or ~/Library/Application Support/Tinderbox.

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