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<!-- Tinderbox: ^title -->?

In the text box of a note I have the following statement. Do not know how it gets there…

I am trying to find in the TBref and the manuals what this does, but cannot find anything.

Anybody a pointer where to look for explanation?

It is the default $Text of the ‘HTML’ built-in template: see here. As explained in the linked article, if you don’t need the text, either delete it in the inheriting (template) note’s $Text, or delete it in the prototype itself.

Personally, I find it gets in the way but I’m an experienced user and do lots of non-HTML export work. My advice for most users would be leave the $Text of the prototype as it is but simply remove the inherited $Textin templates where not needed, e.g. if exporting CSS code where HTML comments don’t apply.

†. $Text is only inherited once from a prototype, when the prototype is first applied and then only if the note does not already have any $Text. Thus if inherited $Text is deleted, it is not re-inherited.

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Thanks, I do understand now.

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