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Tinderbox Training Video 04 - Getting started with prototypes

Tinderbox Training Video - Tinderbox - Getting started with prototypes

Level Fundamental
Published Date 12/30/20
TBX Version 8.9
Tags Tinderbox, Prototypes, Note Taking, aTbRef
Video Length 14:09
URL https://youtu.be/mZFjxjVm-vc
Example File TBX - L Prototypes.tbx (105.4 KB)

In this lesson, my goal is to help you get started with prototypes. I explain what they are and how to generate, create, edit, apply them to your notes. I explain how prototypes help you with the visual semantic management of your notes. I briefly touch on the concept of inheritance, an amazingly powerful capability of Tinderbox. And, I explain how prototypes are more than a simple stylization or templating function within Tinderbox, but a foundational capability that empowers you to dynamically leverage Tinderbox’s note management, automation, and transformation power. Trust me, we need more than one lesson to give the prototype capability its due, but it is my hope that this lesson will get you started.

Tip: Also, in this lesson, I explain note nesting (aka containers folders) as well as how to select multiple notes by holding down the Shift key or using the “⌥ drag” technique.

NOTE: Be sure to download the sample file and play with the examples in this tutorial.


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