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Tinderbox Training Video 51- Linking With Tinderbox

Thanks Mark for the workaround. I’ll try to implement this and write back with results.

Thanks Michael. I feel it’s a good thing as a discipline for future. Now there’s a lot of important notes that I have created in the past one - two years all are very important and I was at the root of my learning of Tinderbox so they are inherently untidy and primitive.

Thanks and could be really useful. True it covers the things at the back.
When the user hovers along the suggestion list it could show preview for each selection only and when the pointer is outside of the list no previews are shown and the user gets a chance to glance whats at the back.
And not just preview, if the user can edit by dragging from the bottom of preview window as in link view its quite useful.
I feel this sequence helps to maintain the focus and flow of the thought process.

BTW, with a little forethought (and a good backup in place) you could use action code to tidy this up right quick. Would be happy to bounce ideas off you.

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Thanks very much. I am in the middle of research and studies and would be really helpful .

I use the mobile / iOS on the go. As Tinderbox does not have a mobile app, what is the best way to capture ideas on mobile and feed them into Tinderbox.

Personally, I use Drafts. @archurhh introduced it to me a while ago. @sumnerg and @webline have developed some nice AppleScript that can be used to send your notes from Drafts into Tinderbox. I have a video on this: Tinderbox Training - Export Drafts Notes to Tinderbox - YouTube. Lately, however, I find that I’m manually bringing in relevant notes over from Drafts to Tinderbox as there is less clutter and it helps me to be more thoughtful in what I’m doing.

Thanks for introducing to Drafts , wonderful piece of software, for now I am happy without AppleScript, I don’t think it gives anything much. I think if a comprehensive set of code can be written by enthusiasts, it can give promising automation.

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