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Tinderbox upgrade policy

Having just decided to go with Tinderbox, I realise that I have not read anything on the upgrade policy. Purchase gets one 12 months of free upgrades, but what typically happens after that? Another payment when there is a new major version number, with maintenance releases continuing to be free? A discount on the purchase price for upgraders? Or what?

I’ve summarised it here: https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/InstallUninstallSupporta/LicenceRegistration/Licencerenewalupgradereq.html

Essentially for 12 months after first purchase all new releases are free. Thereafter, you can purchase an annual upgrade, for a further years access; for those who want this can be done as a subscription (ie.e. auto-renew).

What happens if I don’t upgrade? Nothing bad! Essentially:

  • Your app continues to work but will not be updated.
  • Your documents continue to work
  • The documents are XML so data in’t trapped in a proprietary format.
  • You can purchase upgrade, even if your old entitlement for upgrades has lapsed. For instance it might be 18 months after you first purchased, but you can still upgrade. Having done so you begin a new 12-month entitlement to upgrades.

Note: if you are past your free update window you can still download and try, in demo mode, newer releases. If you do this Ii suggest you run the newer version from outside your Applications folder - i.e. don’t overwrite your existing installation.

I haven’t updated but need to re-install and old version. Is this possible? Yes, old versions (certainly for current OSs) are still available online - alter the normal download URL to the version you need. If stuck, drop an email to info@eastgate.com.

As licensing goes, it’s pretty flexible. Especially being able to take a pause between periods of upgrade without being penalised.

Hope that helps…

Thanks. I take it upgrades are at the full price, or are they discounted from the initial purchase price?

I’m not sure I understand. Initial purchase price—there is only one—purchases the (enduring) licence and access to program updates for a year. The upgrade purchases access to program updates for a year (from date of upgrade purchase).

Prices? See http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/Order.html

Yes, I was wondering whether the upgrade costs the same as the initial purchase, or is different.

Currently, upgrades are $98. So about 40% of the price of the program.

Thanks. That is what I wanted to know.

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