Tinderbox URL handler associated with TinderboxSix..thoughts on how to fix?

Hi everyone,
I just noticed my tinderbox:// URL handler somehow got set to an older version of Tinderbox (Tinderbox v6).

Does anyone know how to reset this to my current Tinderbox version?


Where is this handler set?

I believe this is handled much as application launch is handled — on the assumption that you have only one copy of the application. Archiving the old version of Tinderbox will likely help.

It occurs to me that, if this persists after removing old versions as just suggested you can try rebuilding Launch Services, as described here. If, like me, you aren’t an IT person, the free Onyx app will enable you to do this (without causing other harms). If you want to keep old versions around, zip them or keep the DMG. Otherwise, on re-starting your Mac is will detect the old versions and possibly re-associate them with TBX files/functions.

Thanks MarkA and MarkB. Issue is fixed pretty simply by using SetApps/CleanMyMac: Uninstaller app.

I found TinderboxSix not completely uninstalled and was still registered. Once I uninstalled it using CleanMyMac, the tinderbox URL handler fixed itself.

I am posting this in case anyone else has a similar issue.